I met this guy when i was in second year. He just got admitted to college.. the smell of freshmen is all around.

Our interactions with our juniors weren’t that much. But we had an upcoming excursion … a college trip , where less work and more fun occurs . I was actually excited for it , though it was our second trip from college.

But this time , both first year and second year students were about to attend it.

Sundarban it was. It is really an awesome place to visit , though we didn’t see any tigers .

So it was evening of the first day at sundarban , there was a knock at the door.

Me and my 4 friends were alloted in one room. The door was unlocked .. so i said .. “yea come in” .

The door opened .. and there stood a boy of about 5’9″ , slim , wearing shorts.. and a tee-shirt .. “asbo dada? ” , He said..

“Ha aye aye..bos “.. i said..

I wasn’t really prepared for an interaction with juniors.. neither any of my friends were.

Well this guy was a jolly one.. ” ki korcho tomra? Sokal sokal ready? Kokohn berote hobe?” He said and sat on the bed.

I said ” we will be going in few minutes.. ja ready ho.. ”

One of my friends said ” ki college kerom lagche? Zoology bhalo lage?”

The boy smiled and replied , ” ha bhaloi lagche..eyi to sobe dhuklam college ”

After a small chitchat, he went off to get ready and we got busy in our work.

In any other case , i feel awkward to talk to unknown people, but this guy was a jolly one.. like.. we didn’t feel he was new to us.

That evening.. we were playing badminton…near our room.

I am always kind of lazy guy, i kept sitting at a place and watched everyone have fun.

At that time i saw that boy climb a small one storey building, it was then i was shocked.. i shouted ” ki korchis?? Pore jabi to !!”

The boy laughed.. ” na…gram erom praye gache uthte pari, khub moja hoy”

I remained silent for a moment , it was really hard for to me register the fact a boy is scaling a building , and at the same time i was scared that he might fall and hurt himself. Later i was proved wrong.. he wasn’t that weak either.

Well time flies,

After our excursion, our exams were near.. a few months were left for our exams , and may be first year finals were knocking at the door.

In the mean time.. i heard from one of my friends, ” bhai sunli ? Oi cheletar recently cancer dhora poreche”

I was startled.. i said ” what? Kon chele? Kon year? ”

“Oito gram er chele ta re “.. he said

I got shocked.. i couldn’t digest the fact..someone around me is having cancer.

I personally belong to a small town and there people are healthy.. and that boy .. was from a village..where people are also supposed to be healthy as it is free from pollution….. or may be at least less polluted.

I did text him on WhatsApp .. he said ” blood cancer hoeche”

And i heard he had financial problems .. as he wasn’t from a well to do family. Our seniors , juniors , proffesors and my batch mates together did raise a good sum of money..but nothing seemed to be enough for his treatment . He got admitted in a hospital in mumbai, far from his home.

A boy , as jolly as him , was being crushed under the weight of cancer treatment .

I saw his statuses on WhatsApp everyday.. on how much he was missing his home , his friends , his family.

He had a lot of problems among which , lack of blood supply was a mojor one.

But inspite of all these adversities.. i recently heard from him ” ayi mas e chuti hobe dada”

Remember what i said earlier…about me being scared whether he would hurt himself by falling off a small building because he was very skinny??(hypothetically)

Well he survived this harsh treatment to fight cancer..

You know why? Because he has a strong will…yes..he wasn’t weak at all.

Yes he defeated a war single handedly which continued for almost about 1 year. He now has a big smile on his face.

And me? I do really want to welcome him home when he will be returning..but now again my exams are about to start.

And i like the fact… That how fast , a total stranger village boy accelerated to be our most dearest and adorable junior.

Sometimes i do think.. there are researches going on everyday to cure cancer . Someday earth might be cancer free. But till then everybody has to be a brave fighter, because its not just a battle … Its a war.

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