Second Chance

“you couldn’t get a good result this year..” ..she said .

“I know…but please listen to me….”

She : ” What else should i expect from you? You couldn’t get a good result.. couldn’t get into medicals… Do engineering at least…”

“But I don’t like maths… Or physics…its tough for me… ”

“Then what else would you do with your life? Everyone is going to say .. that my boyfriend is good for nothing ” she said .

“I did bad for just one year… please listen to me…”

“Please ….im done….. LEAVE ME ALONE I don’t want my destroy my future..” she said.

He felt a great shock… As the words “leave me alone” hit him like a thunderbolt.. straight through his heart.

Yes , he felt weak.. he couldn’t take it.He cried that day.. hid himself from everyone.. deleted all of his social media accounts. He wanted to be alone!…

So this all started back in 2015.

It was a bright morning … Wednesday , to be exact. He had his chemistry tution . But also he was excited and scared for something else. Later that day he returned from his tution and opened his Facebook , and treated himself with a surprise text message he received 1 hour ago. The text said .. ” yes i love you too.” He felt partly nice and scared again , as because of his conservative parents.. and also as he was a the most average looking boy around , which did lead to a certain amount of insecurity .But above that , it was time for celebration. As he got his only crush as his girlfriend.They met almost everyday , at tutions and at different locations.

Later that year he had his final exam of class 11..It went well.

Results came.. wasn’t the “best”…but no less than “better” .That afternoon… After meeting, she said ,” you got excellent marks in maths.. im sure you’ll go for engineering.. right?

He said : Umm…. No.. i would choose biology over every other subjects to study with.

She said : why? You got more in maths than in biology!!

He : I don’t love maths.. that marks is a result of regular practice throughout the year …but biology is what i love .!

She : i donno what you are upto.. but im happy for your marks though!!

He : and im happy because you are happy!!

And they laughed , making promises to stay together for ever.. little did they know about their future.

All these promises and love vanished after class12 th results.

He failed to meet her expectations. He was found guilty , as he wasted more time in love , than in studies to secure his own future.Neither he made it to any medical college.. nor did he wanted to do engineering.

They broke up!!

He made up his mind , to meet her after he achieved something in life!

After that day several years went by , he became busy in his studies.He continued his studies in zoology , completed BSc , MSc , and got a PhD .But there wasn’t a single day when he didn’t think about her.

Most people move on after breakup , but for him love wasn’t something to let go of , love is like a flower , It needs to to be taken care of and nurtured to make it beautiful and long lasting!

Every moment he thought .. “what would it be like when i meet her and say.. i have achieved my goals now nothing can separate us.. i established myself”

But life had other plans for him.

He went to a conference in kerala . The conference was on sunday , but he was there 4 days before to explore the place. In the afternoon while he was walking down the streets , he saw something that made his jaw drop. He saw his long lost love again. He wanted to make up for all the failures that he had brought to her . He saw her walking down from other side of the street. He wanted to surprise her.. so he quickly crossed the street , and followed her. She entered a road side shop to buy earrings. He sneaked behind her quietly and stood looking at her through the mirror in front .

She finally saw him from the mirror and looked back… She was shocked too. But a sign of anger was present on her face.

He said : ” you look beautiful in those earrings ”

“You??! Are you totally shameless? How did you even afford to come here? I hope you couldn’t do anything with your life!!” She said .

The boy wanted say a lot of things to her … But he wasn’t allowed to. She said again ” what are you now ? A taxi driver or what? Please just go away , and for your kind information , im married now.. my husband has a government job.. so please!! Leave!! … and never try to contact me again” .

The boy was stunned. All he hoped for was a second chance to prove himself in front of her!

Today he was truly hurt … Tears rolled down his eyes , he turned around and walked off without revealing his qualifications and achievements !!
His name ” Dr Arun Das ” was enough as a renowned geneticist. But he chose to remain silent.

Well he did get a second chance to continue his studies with zoology , but never really got a chance to prove her..that he did really loved and cared for her! He now has a well established life but failed to het back the love of his life.

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