Move on?

“I don’t think the fabric is upto the mark.Better send these back and place order for new ones.”i said looking at the suits.

“Sir you do really care alot, are you sure you wanna sell this off? The new owner might not treat it as you do .”

I didn’t expect this..but i was flattered.

In the mean time i heard someone calling, “excuse me, can you show some wedding suits ??”

I turned around just to surprise me..i saw her..

her left eye brow rose.. and she again said

you? Well good enough.. its my wedding this year.”

“Oh! Great !” I said.

“Now come on show me some expensive suits for my would be husband..” said she.

I looked at the boy … For a second.. and then turned to reach out for the suits..

then.., “sir you don’t have to do it, we are here we will show them”

I smiled..” its ok..let me do this once.”

I took out the suits and showed her…

She did like them..

I could read it from her face she was about to bargain for price.. but i added ” its on 75% discount MAM… ”

“Oh! Well then…i would like to have this two..please do the billing” she said.

I sent over the suits for packing and billing..and while she was at the billing counter..i left the shop and the mall it was in.

I sent off my driver , drove back home myself…. And lay down on the bed.

“She is getting married! Well the would be husband didn’t look that bad…. I hope he is good….and im sure he is in every aspect better than me.” I thought..

Well i did give her a wedding gift.. two suits worth 1lakh rupees which weren’t on sale. I won’t say i am not happy…but i am shocked.

Its been so long since we broke up… Since i last saw her.Never got a chance to prove myself worthy for her busy to prove her wrong… But didn’t actually get a chance to prove.

My phone rang …. “Sir your meeting starts in 5 minutes” ..

“Ok! Ill be there!

I washed my dressed up..

Well it was a meeting with the guy i wanted to sell the mall to.

My manager and me..both got into the car..

Manager asked ” sir he is willing to pay a price more than we talked about”

I remained silent. Actually i couldn’t come out of the shock of “im getting married” said by her this morning.

We reached our location .

At the meeting, everything was going nice.

I still couldn’t make my mind whether to sell it or not..

Then the final papers were put forward for me to sign on it.

I sat silently.

Manager said ” sir ! The papers…”

I stood up… ” Gentleman… The deal is cancelled..i am sorry for bothering you”

The room got filled with chaos as i left through the door.

Later at home… At dinner table… My mom again for the nth time.. said ” don’t you think you should get married now?? All of your friends are married… ”

I said..” yea.. i think now i should”

I should move on… It really did hurt today.

No i didn’t sell the mall .. now that i have a good memory to cherish…how could i? I saw her after about 20 years later….gave her a wedding gift…

i could have sold any other malls i possess but not that. May be she thought i was a just a mere salesman..but its kinda ok.

I guess its time to move on.

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