Losing You

Ever stared at someone’s eyes and got drowned in them so much that you forget to breathe? If yes…you have felt the depth of that someone’s true inner beauty!

(Image courtesy : Pinterest)

Life was going good. Did my graduation course , got enrolled for Post graduate studies in a good college .

But , as every average looking introvert guy has a massive crush on someone he knew would never reciprocate the same thing back to him , even i got indulged in it.

Within first few weeks of my Post Graduate classes I fell for someone who would never fall for me. And hence that starts the battle – surviving through my post graduation life!

Every day at college I noticed almost the smallest details in her. Whether it was a smudged kajal near the extreme corner of her eye , which was visible to noone or it was her earrings that swayed little too much, to get my attention, with the air or her nice deep brown eyes.

We had very little interaction , and i would cherish the smallest moments made between us which didn’t even seem to exist for her!

Sitting behind her , I noticed the nice smooth lining of her hair that swirled forming a double helix structure just behind her ear falling on her cheek .

For a fact i knew i had to get better at academics , to get her attention , as in the past I had to compete at every moment to prove to my point to everybody else that eve I was worth something . And by doing that I forgot to create a good impression of me being a good friend too . As a result that opportunity was taken by a guy who was bit extra friendly with girls.

Me being an introvert almost tried not to make unnecessary contacts or show unnecessary care just to prevent myself from being proved to be a creep that wants her attention.

Every day slowly , bit by bit i kept falling for her. I did well and got a Post graduate degree with outstanding marks and here i am standing at the corner of the room of our farewell party with my hands folded trying to ignore what was happening.

That extra friendly guy I told you about , yes today he went down on his knees and proposed my crush.

(Image courtesy : Pinterest)

“I love you so much , and would like to be with you untill global warming stops ! ”

Yes that’s the line he came up with..not me.

I kept watching her , draped in a blue saree, with her hands covering her mouth , full of excitement and shock !

I couldn’t wait to hear her reply . I was suffocating . I walked out of the room ran down the stairs , loosened my tie knot , took off my blazer. As i was walking towards the gate , I thought to myself ,

” all these years i tried being a better version of myself academically . Got the necessary degrees and qualifications ! The one thing I couldn’t do in that time was try and win your heart. I thought securing my future would be a better option for us. Today I realized I never existed in your world. But you were present in every moment of my life . Today i was proved to be a sheer loser by Loosing You”


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