Dream Reality

“what are you going to wear tommorow?” She asked.

Well he did expect that… ” Blue jeans and a black T-shirt… I guess ” he replied..

She : “why? Tommorow is Saraswati Puja.. you should wear punjabi.. it would be great”

He wasn’t a big fan of indian traditional dresses.. he never wore a “punjabi before”

“Why? What’s bad in jeans and tshirt?” He said..

“Ok do whatever you feel like i won’t interfere” she said..and went offline.

He did sense the anger presented through the text. Giving the whole dressing stuff a second thought he decided to wear punjabi.

Next day morning, it was Saraswati puja. Every year people wait for this day with a lot of plans . Some people on this day pray to god for a better future and some spend the day with their special ones and friends.

The boy wore punjabi for the first time in life. He was uncomfortable in it..but still wanted to see her reaction.

He wen to the destination and waited.. after a long wait, which apparently seemed to ve longer than he thought, he got a glimpse of her.. draped in blue saree, hair curled up and left open.. a red bindi on her forehead.. and the most beautiful ornament of all.. a sweet smile on her face.

He was mesmerized . She walked up to him , said ” ki dekcho?”

He said , ” na kichu na, lets go inside”

They both went inside.. it was their first Saraswati puja together.

They stood , together for as the puja continued both stealing their eyes on each other.

The boy today didn’t ask for a better number for upcoming exams.. neither he asked for a better carrier or for extra knowledge. He didn’t actually ask for anything. He just said ” thank you , for such a nice gift this morning “.

The girl turned towards him and asked , ” kemon lagche amae?” The boy didn’t really answer ; looked at her blankly. She asked again, “ki go? How am i looking?”

Her sweet voice slowly turned into the unbearable noise of alarm.

He woke up , checking the watch , it was 9:40 am.

He got up from his chair , closed his books, walked towards the wondow.

A slight cold Breeze touched his face . H looked outside, saw new couples walking by .. dressed in indian outfit.

Why not? After all it was Saraswati Puja .. and it is the Bengali Valentine’s day.

Knowing his mother would give him a call for the puja he went ahead to start his day.

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