Sometimes i really go speechless by seeing things happening around me.

Life has a value..that nobody can pay for. Its the most precious thing god has ever gifted to earth.

Every living organism has an equal right to continue its life on this planet . We are nobody to put any boundary or limit to it.

Some people might think. “Oh look at that puppy, lets pelt some stones at it” .. others may think , ” lets torture the kitten “. No! that’s not funny, playing with lives isn’t funny.

In 5 years about 19028 cases of animal cruelty are found in some states of india!

Animals aren’t doing any harm to us.. then why should we torture them?

And yet again in 2019 it wasn’t such a happy start for animals . 2 nursing students brutally killed 16 puppies at a hospital in kolkata . Why did they even do so? Didn’t their hands shake at all? They simply took away lives of innocent puppies that are new in this world .

It takes 58-68 days for a dog to give birth. It takes so long to create life .. in some animals its even more. But some nursing students ended it in few minutes.

Dogs are regarded as man’s best friend. Well i don’t think this is the way to treat best friends

Not just dogs, even cats and other animals are tortured. Take for example poachers brutally kill wild animals to to sell their body parts.

Think about it how would you feel like if you were in their place????well it won’t be a pleasant experience…

I would really like to clearly send this message to everyone out there.. its high time to stand against animal abuse.

Help by signing this petition…to punish those who took away 16 innocent lives..


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